Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Would You Come Over For Dinner?

Let us say that you and your family have just moved into my neighborhood and I would like to invite you over for dinner. Would you come? If not, are there any considerations I could offer that would change your mind?

Yeah, of course I would :) The only reason I haven't been visiting my neighbours in the past 2 years is because I lived in an apartment building and it's hard to really meet people as opposed to when you live in a house... but two considerations I would suggest: no alcohol and have a vegetarian option because Muslims eat their meat slaughtered in a certain way (it's called halal) some grocery stores have it, some don't, but for just everyone's peace of mind, have a vegetarian meal, and do not use in the ingredients any pig-derivatives (lard, gelatin, etc.).

Let us say that I have the most delicious recipe for pot roast ever, but I can't find a single halal grocery! Could I use kosher beef?

A lot of Muslims do eat kosher food, but some don't... there is a difference in scholarly opinion there, but as long as you tell everyone what the ingredients are, then they can pick and choose...